Principal Investigators

Dr. Mega Subramaniam is a Professor and the Co-Director of the Youth Experience (YX) Lab at the College of Information Studies (known as the iSchool) at the University of Maryland. She received her Ph.D in Information Studies from Florida State University and her master’s degree in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, Bloomington. Dr. Subramaniam’s research focuses on enhancing the role of libraries in fostering the mastery of emerging digital literacies that are essential for STEM learning among underserved young people. She can be reached at

Dr. David Weintrop is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland with a joint appointment in the Teaching & Learning, Policy & Leadership (TLPL) department in the College of Education and the College of Information Studies (Maryland’s iSchool). Dr. Weintrop’s research seeks to understand how best to support learners in developing meaningful understandings of computational ideas and positive attitudes towards computing. This includes looking at ways to make computer programming more intuitive, accessible and enjoyable as well as research investigating ways to integrate computational thinking into diverse learning contexts. He can be reached at

Graduate Students

Nitzan Koren is a PhD student at the University of Maryland iSchool. She received her Masters in Science Education from Tel Aviv University in 2019. Her research focus is on youth and digital literacy. Currently, she is exploring digital literacy definition, assessment, and instruction. She can be reached at

Jimmy Lin is a doctoral student in the Technology, Learning and Leadership PhD program at the University of Maryland’s College of Education. He got his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, double majored in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. He also has a master’s from University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education in Learning Science and Technology.
As a lifelong programmer, He hold a firm belief in the importance of computer programming education. His research focuses on exploring ways to bridge the gap between block-based and text-based programming and using physical computing as a means to support computer science programming education. He can be reached at

Advisory Board

Caitlin Martin
CKM Consulting

Aman Yadav
Michigan State University

Victor Lee
Stanford University

John Bertot
University of Maryland

Linda Braun

Marijke Visser
Public Policy and Advocacy, ALA